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Hi! Welcome to my playground.

I’m brainscratch. Just another average manga and anime enjoyer. This is my personal blog dedicated to documenting how I feel about what I consume.

If you’re into that and for some reason you like what I have to say, I hope you’ll stop by to read again.

This blog has been in existence since 2020, and in case you’re a past reader and wondering where I’ve been or where all the old content went, well, let’s just say it’s gone. But don’t worry. Hopefully this is a chance for me to rebuild the whole thing and give a fresh spin on things.

For the new people, I really like the 2D medium, so I won’t be writing about just anime and manga; quite literally anything that’s animated or drawn will hopefully be discussed here. Atleast that’s what I’d like to do.

So if this all sounds good to you, please feel free to check out the rest of the website, or subscribe to my mailing list or socials for updates.

Thanks for stopping by.