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Attack on Titan: The Final Season – Episode 79

Memories of the Future

I might have just watched my favourite episode in Attack on Titan: The Final Season. Maybe even in all of the series.. I don’t think it’s verbally possible to express how happy this episode has made me, and how absolutely floored I am, once again.

Well, this episode of Attack on Titan: The Final Season, really was “a walk to remember” huh. They took ”taking a trip down memory lane” a little too literally I think.

A Walk To Remember

This episode was hilarious in so many ways, I think I’ve lost count. In the last episode I said we should hand Eren an Oscar, but now I don’t think an Oscar could ever suffice. Here’s what was so funny:

That Zeke felt Eren needed any “saving” at all.

I can’t blame Zeke for feeling this way to be honest. But the amount of entitlement it is filled with rubs me the wrong way. I forgot to mention that I felt Zeke was delusional in the last episode because of how much he insisted he was going to ’save’ Eren, and I was right. His judgement of Eren’s character (and his determination) was clouded by how he feels towards his past. Eren was right in calling him out – Zeke was looking for someone like him in Eren, but that was simply never the case. And it was nice seeing Zeke being awakened from his idea of who Eren is. The real Eren is far more terrifying than any of us could have expected him to be.

That Grisha was extremely miserable and came very close to throwing away his own mission.

This one’s from a more personal angle I suppose. I find it hard for people’s characters to change, especially in Grisha’s case. We’re all aware of how he treated Zeke, and how extreme he was when it came to his places for the restoration. He was never a father to him, and clearly he was a man who would go to any lengths to ensure the success of his own goals. But Grisha in Paradis was a completely different man. He abandoned his mission not once, but almost a second time. In fact, he didn’t even want to kill the royal family, he appealed to them for the safety of his family.

Now I know people are more than capable of change. And they’re more than capable of learning from their past. But for someone who was so devoted to his goals, I found this change to be to drastic, and therefore, can’t really wrap my head around it. If you mean to tell me that it was simply him learning about how much he lost with Zeke and Dina, and loving Carla and Eren so much that he didn’t want the same for them; then I’ll be damned.

If I understood the episode correctly, then Eren was most likely the cause of his own misery. Even if it ”had to be done.”

Here’s what I mean. All of us, including Eren, felt Grisha started the whole story. And yes, it’s true, to a certain extent. But Eren continued it. Since Grisha came ridiculously close to throwing it all away, he needed a little push, and a reminder of his motivations. Future Eren was more than happy to provide this new beginning to the story, however, his younger self had much to uncover while quite literally, living in ignorance and misery for a large part of the show.

That we, the fans, highly misjudged the extent of Eren’s character development.

I’m not even sure who he is anymore, if I’m being honest. But if I had to answer that question with his own words, then he’s always been this way. However, I don’t think it’s as simple as ”If he wants something, he’ll accomplish it.” We all went from thinking he was a naive little boy, to someone with a highly charged agenda, and now we see this.

A truly terrifying side, that is incredibly privy to a lot of things we definitely aren’t aware of yet, and is clear about what he’s going to do. Someone who seems unforgiving and intolerate any mishaps. This might not necessarily be a bad thing, because it’s just an initial impression after all. But this is an Eren I don’t know, and I’ll be holding off judgement until I do.

That it’s highly likely that Zeke is being brainwashed by Eren.

Wasn’t it rather convenient that Zeke got to hear the one thing he probably always wanted from his father? This assumption of mine might be a bit of a stretch, but hearing and apology and how he loved him, coupled with Eren kicking Zeke out of their little walk made me think about this. It feels a little off because of how Grisha told Zeke to stop Eren, and the very timing of it all. But the whole scene left me with the impression that Eren had the reigns now. Maybe what Zeke was seeing was reality, maybe they were false memories. Only the next episode that’s coming within a week’s time, will tell.

Which leaves us with the final question.

What exactly is Eren planning to do? Seeing as how he managed to break free from the chains Zeke put him in, it’s pretty obvious that Eren has another card up his sleeve. I’m hoping we finally get the answers to Zeke’s questions.

If you ask me, Attack on Titan: The Final Season is going splendidly, and I expected nothing less than to be floored each week. It’s been a month since the new season started, and I know we have quite a bit to look forward to, but I can’t help but think the end is near.

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  1. Shinigami-chan! Shinigami-chan!

    I really relate. I have been getting mind blown since the start of season 4 part 1, sometimes in a ‘Holy shit no way. That didn’t just happen. Oh no it makes sense.’ Or ‘Damn what an epic moment, and another painful cliffhanger which i will be dying and be happy to wait for’ but this. The episode I watched today. This was different. This was. Just. The most in awe I had ever been after witnessing something and I just sat in silence for a while. The story. My God, the writing. Isayama-sensei I truly respect you but I am tempted to believe Eren said no and wanted to write the story himself- That was such an amazing way to uncover another perspective that too with the facts that we are already a little aware of, twisting and manipulated just the right amount, masterful storytelling aside, I was the most impressed with the characters. Zeke’s wakeup call. Grisha’s hesitation. Eren’s will. God. His will to keep moving forward was so frightening. As I mentioned previously, even without this much misery, I admire people who can go on and on about their daily lives. I literally couldn’t wrap my head around why and how the people in AOT universe move forward. And here is Eren with the will to continue. I actually was in a neutral ‘I don’t know how I feel about this s4 Eren, idk him. Now I am just in awe. And admire him a little ngl, but he is also a little scary. Either way, I love the recurring theme of freedom in this series. Even before all this, even when I had fun and loved the hard-core way the story was told, and the whole mystery political drama that went on for s3, the one that left a lasting impact feeling wise, is the scene where ymir in sand looks up to the sky and says ‘I am free’. That. Was the embodiment of how I felt about this story after consuming it for a long while. So serene. So liberating. As if all the time I had was mine and mine alone to do what I wanted to. I felt so free. Once again, I am reminded of this and tied back to it and actually love the way the words of the hauntingly beautiful ending songs of s4 are dragged into this. ‘Weren’t you the one who started the story?’ Scene reminding me of s4 part 1 ending song and the line ‘You started this story.’
    ‘Bird, fly far away and be free.’ ‘If I were a bird with wings, I could fly anywhere.’ ‘Don’t cry/curse about your destiny you were born with, because you are free.’

  2. Overall it was a beautiful episode that I shall cherish witnessing, I am glad to have read this blog and see your perspective and I am glad to have to come to the comments to register my thoughts which otherwise might have just flowed with the wind. I am glad.

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