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Currents #02

Well technically, the ones I’m listing out here are series I’ve current-ly finished. Just in this month. Honestly I owe this to my friends. Because of their incessant need to hangout and watch anime, I have a last blog post to write for August. I have to say, it wasn’t a dull month, but I wish I had been more inspired in general. There were things I wanted to do and experiment but alas. It is fine however, for tomorrow exists. And tomorrow is a wholeass day I can’t wait to procrastinate on.

Enough with that, here are some of the series I just finished binging on this month! Please let me know if you’ve indulged in them at any point and what you think of them too!

Kieta Hatsukoi | Manga

When I started this manga I noticed there was already a live-action and Netflix anime that just dropped. I absolutely hate the English title. It makes no sense, and just another ridiculous ploy to get people to notice the series. It’s almost as if English is not capable of sounding as beautiful if they tried to translate it properly but no, why would we ever try? Other than that, it was rather unfortunate that the last three volumes are yet to be translated (illegally at least) so my reading ends with Chapter 24 in Volume 6.

I think overall, the story was fine. I couldn’t get invested in it or excited about it. It wasn’t predictable, and is a typical story about teenagers trying to find their way through romance with a little bit of BL into the mix. I’m still looking forward to the rest of the story though. I did like was that all four of the main cast were able to learn so much more about themselves at the end of the series. Especially through romance. Although the series might have started on an unrealistic note, it ultimately stayed quite grounded. So give it a read!

Grand Blue | Anime

I hadn’t heard of Grand Blue, and my lovely friends were kind enough to show me the way. I had some idea of what I was signing up for, but my god, I ultimately had no clue. Its easily one of my favourite series and it was so fun binging it with my friends. I feel like I finally found my tribe! Not my friends, I meant the alcoholics in Grand Blue. Watching Grand Blue alone might also be enough to reduce you a sopping chaotic mess of “wtf is going on” but take my advice and watch it with your friends. Grand Blue was the perfect series for me to take my mind off of seriously watching something and that’s why it’s perfect. You’ll learn absolutely nothing about anything, and there’s a lot of naked dudes. Don’t question me and just go for it.

Wotakoi | Anime

Wotakoi is an anime I treasure, and is one of my favourite series ever. I refuse to read the manga, because who wants to know the ending amirite….

Anyway, this was an unexpected rewatch but I kinda needed it. I’m in a completely different place from when I first watched Wotakoi. The difference is so stark. I watched it by myself and it was a series that hit me hard in a lot of ways. This time, I watched it with my friends, and it was very wholesome. Without being too touchy-feely, I think a bunch of weebs watching an anime about weebs is one of the best things I’ve ever done. And if you’re a weeb with weeb friends, this should be on your to-do list. I’m very glad I did. If 13 year old brainscratch knew she’d be doing this someday, I think she’d have been very happy.

This really was the month of groupwatches xD I did not expect it to be this efficient in finishing off stuff, even series that weren’t on my list. I’ve just known group watches to fail a lot so I’m just surprised and happy that these worked and we managed to finish them. There’s definitely more where that came from, so please check in again!

Until next time!



  1. Elsewhere, I’m still stuck at thinking what to watch and review next. Probably because I’m also busy writing my web serial and reviewing books.

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