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I remember picking up the Dorohedoro manga way back when but I ended up dropping it due to my own laziness. I still have no idea what possessed me to start the Dorohedoro anime this time around, because it was not part of the plan at all. But I’m so glad I did anyway.

What I intended to watch and write about Beastars. I remember brushing off the “You haven’t watched Beastars?!” talk from my friends, but I was curious about the story. Once I started it however, I very quickly realized it wasn’t for me, because of it’s animation. I’m not a fan of that 3D animation type, and I feel like a lot was lost simply because of it; especially for the kind of characters Beastars has. I decided I’d start the manga at some point and said my goodbyes to the anime.

I still needed to watch something though. Dorohedoro had been on my list forever; It was meant to be a part of this year’s Mappa May Marathon, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. After putting Beastars down, I picked Dorohedoro up. And like always, I’ve got a lot to say.

Here’s what I loved about Dorohedoro

  • Dorohedoro is super unhinged. I love how the whole thing starts with everybody being real casual about how lawless their world(s) truly are. The lawlessness is still something to think about despite there being a hierarchy of some sort. I’m usually someone who gets caught up in the details, but with Dorohedoro starting off with an entirely carefree attitude, I also didn’t care. I focused on the story unfolding in front of me because of this; it was different, and I liked it!
  • Dorohedoro’s story and characters come together (or rather, they happen) simply because of one man and something that might have happened to him. I know this is how many stories normally function, but it particularly caught my eye in Dorohedoro simply because it just happened to be that way. A lot of the times, the characters become involved because they had no other choice, but in Dorohedoro, The En Family chose to get involved. This isn’t particularly special or anything, but I definitely think it added a bit more flavour to the whole story.
  • I love that Dorohedoro has so many endings. I also love how well each one managed to capture the mood of the story in that particular set of episodes. My absolute favourite ending is D.D.D.D by (K)NoW_NAME. It was an absolute vibe, and the whole OG video game aesthetic it had going on for it? My god, incredible.

Some more things I loved

  • I absolutely love the opening. Its going to take a lot to get “Anchu mondo haikai senya” out of my brain for a while.
  • It’s incredibly hilarious that Bokuto from Haikyuu and Jonson the cockroach from Dorohedoro are the voiced by the same actor. It somehow checks out and I will never stop laughing about this.
Dorohedoro Review
  • Shin has to be my favourite character in the entire story. I’m honestly not sure why apart from the obvious fact that he’s quite handsome. The moment I decided I liked him was probably when he basically ripped off Kaiman’s head with his hammer. Which brings me to my next point.
  • I’ve reached a point where I can confidently say I thoroughly enjoy gore. Gore when it’s action related gives me so much satisfaction. Now horror is a completely different story, and one we won’t get into. I don’t think I was particularly averse to it before either. But Dorohedoro has made me painfully aware of just how much I enjoyed gore.
  • I also love Shin and Noi’s relationship! It is probably the most heartwarming and wholesome thing in the entire show right after En’s affection for his family.
Dorohedoro Review

Things about Dorohedoro I’m curious about.

  • For someone so obsessed with mushrooms, you’d think he’d be named after one. But the kanji for “En” just means ‘smoke’ and I wonder why the mangaka choose that name for him.
  • What exactly is the point of Ebisu’s character? There was this whole scene where they harbour the possibility that she could’ve turned Kaiman into what he is now. Why was that brushed aside? Or maybe I didn’t pay enough attention?
this was hella cute tho
  • Could Noi not have re-applied for the become-a-demon exam? Why was it a one-off thing?
  • It’s been two years since the first season came out. Honestly, where is Season 2? I know MAPPA’s got their hands full, but like, wasn’t this insanely popular when it came out?

Things about Dorohedoro I didn’t like

  • The pacing felt very abrupt and choppy at certain parts of the story. The whole purge-like fest for the En Family, Nikaido’s kidnapping by some rando all felt really abrupt. This was probably the one time I wish I had a bit more explanation. Because I probably missed something I shouldn’t have.
  • This is probably the closest I’ll get to truly enjoying this animation style – this weird mix of 2D and 3D, I’m guessing. The CGI made some of their movements painfully slow and exaggerated which stood out to me a lot, and while I’m not a general fan of this, overall it truly didn’t do much to impact my viewing experience. I still look forward to the next season earnestly.
  • I’m a little sick of watching anime that end on a very introductory note and don’t leave much to be desired for the next season. I can’t help but feel like Dorohedoro especially is the type of anime that should’ve ended in a cliff hanger. I’m seeing this quite often with Netflix productions, especially their recent one, Spriggan where they end the season after having told one part of the story. With Spriggan, there’s not much incentive for people to continue to watch the series. And while in Dorohedoro’s case it makes a little sense, there’s still much to be discovered. But with the vibe the anime had throughout, a cliff hanger ended would have been more suitable.

All in all, I’m still super psyched about Dorohedoro and will probably be picking the manga up because I simply have not had enough of the story. Have you watched or read Dorohedoro? Let me know how you feel!

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