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[FANART] Fushiguro Megumi | JJK

I think it was around chapter 161 or something; that’s when I got the idea to make this edit. The second I saw what it could be, I had to do it. I was even more excited about this because it was an exclusive Megumi edit, and I hadn’t made one for him specifically before. I was also extremely proud of myself for even thinking about this concept in the first place. I’m very shocked no one else thought of this (afaik) and I was just very excited about it.

But this time, my edit was particularly difficult to execute.

The Source of My Inspiration

Unfortunately for me, this time around, it wasn’t a concept an all-nighter could achieve. Let me explain! My concept for this piece was rather simple. Megumi has really changed and come into his own in these recent chapters, and I loved how much of a threat he actually was to his opponents. The source panel might have been simple in anyone’s eyes, but if I’m being honest, it sent shivers down my spine. Him summoning Nue in pure confidence was incredible to see, and I really wanted to make a piece that preserved this badassery of his.

FANART - Fushiguro Megumi
Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 35

I might have gotten lucky though because I was in the middle of re-reading the Jujutsu Kaisen manga as chapter 167 had come out. I had just gotten to the chapter where the Kyoto School students gang up on Yuuji and try to take him out. There’s a beautiful panel of Nue, appearing in all his glory, right behind Nishimiya, and completely taking her by surprise.

FANART - Fushiguro Megumi

It was a rather simple plan, of course! I simply wanted to combine the two to make it look like this was the Nue Megumi had summoned. And this is how it could’ve unfolded. But like I said, this piece wasn’t very easy to execute.

Some Challenges

I had to redraw portions of Nue, which might not seem like a big deal upon first sight; but getting the brush size right, and the general direction of his feathers right, as well as covering up Nishimiya’s spot were actually quite taxing. Probably because I had to do it twice. Of course, in comparison to Nue, Megumi was far less troublesome to edit and increase the quality of. Nue’s clean up operation ended up being quite the challenge, but nothing compared to my own procrastination which ended up delaying the piece.

And Finally…..

FANART - Fushiguro Megumi
Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 167

This is is the end result!

After exploring a whole bunch of options, colours, themes and many other chaotic aspects of this, I finally settled on something that might seem quite simple to most. I really wanted to experiment with this piece and give Nue the colours he has in the anime, but it just didn’t seem to work with the fuzzy concept I had in my head.

But it’s not entirely black and white either.

The Breakdown

  • The background is a very dark shade of what I’d like to call royal blue. It’s one of my favourite colours; something I really want to dye my hair with. I am aware it’s barely noticeable though, and that’s the way I wanted to keep it; anything brighter, I felt would take away the attention from Nue and Megumi, but I wanted a bit of blue in the piece anyway. Turn up the brightness of your screen to see the blue! (maybe even zoom in a little)
FANART - Fushiguro Megumi
  • The next thing I loved about the edit was naturally the texture. I tried using some of the default texture brushes on Procreate to give Nue somewhat of a rougher feel to his body, but it wasn’t the right approach. In the end, I stuck to the good old noise feature to give Nue a more rough, sketched out feeling to him. Although it’s not very apparent when you look at the picture on the whole, they don’t say “It’s all in the details!” for nothing. Take a look below!
FANART - Fushiguro Megumi
  • Upon the advice of my good friend @adityadraws, I decided to make Nue slightly more realistic by applying Perspective Motion Blur onto his wings and feet. I think this really helps established how he’d been “summoned” and was in motion; the whole “swooped in from nowhere” kinda feeling. I’m not sure if I executed this right, but I like what I’m seeing so far!
FANART - Fushiguro Megumi
  • Megumi was obviously far easier to clean up, and required very minimal redrawing – which was once again, his hair. It was no trouble at all, but this panel of his is still one of my favourites. I love the little outline I gave him, it adds to the piece and sets him apart, and also helps establish a sort of distance and that badass vibe he’s clearly exhibiting here.

Easily one of my most favourite works of all time. It was an absolute joy making this. So I went ahead and made a sort of GIF version of it too, which I put up on my Instagram! Be sure to check it out, there’s a small twist to it. ^_^

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So that’s really it for this one. I hope my little breakdown of the process was interesting to read! I decided I’d be a bit more forthcoming of how I’m doing things and why I do them, and I hope you like my edits! You can check them out on my Pinterest! I have a whole board of JJK edits you might just enjoy.

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