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Hi! I’m brainscratch.

Welcome to my playground.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m so glad you’re here! If the name hadn’t given it away yet, this is an anime blog. And I’m its author. Here’s the story of how Peak Weebing came to be, what you can expect from it, and a little bit about the person running it.

Some History~

When I growing up I was super passionate about anime and manga. I terribly wanted was to have someone else to rave about them with. I eventually found people I could share the love with, but naturally it wasn’t enough. To add to this, I didn’t have any hobbies and didn’t have the strength to explore one either. The pandemic changed things for me, and it pushed me to combine a lot of things I wanted to. And so Peak Weebing was born.

Peak Weebing is an anime blog, which I started in June 2020 as a passion project. Even though I knew next to nothing, I had a lot of encouragement and support to get started, which I’m super thankful for even today. The idea was to create a safe space for me to rave about the anime and manga that I love without feeling inhibited in any way. I also figured it was time I started cultivating a hobby and writing just seemed right, so I went with it.

I revamped the website, got my own domain and “came back” in December 2020, with a new goal. Peak Weebing is still the same as how it started, with the added goal of monetisation. I’m a lot more dedicated to making myself heard in this space than ever before. Which would explain the ads on the site, and my Ko-Fi page widget on the bottom left. I’m now hoping to actively share this anime blog, with anime fans who are possibly looking for it.

Content Break Down

The 2D medium is a medium I’ve been passionate about since I was a child. It’s shaped me in so any ways possible growing up. Naturally my biggest influences were anime and manga, but it felt wrong to exclude other types of animated productions that I also loved because of it. That’s also probably why calling it an anime blog might not apply entirely. While majority of my content is about various anime and manga series, I also occasionally talk about webcomics, comics and any western animated production that I’ve enjoyed!

As for the format of the content, I’ve organised it according to the type of blog post it is. You can find these categories in the Main Menu, under the “Blog” drop down menu option. Or click the links below to head over to them directly!

Essays ↗

Slightly fancier writing, and more analytical pieces that answer questions that, quite frankly, I didn’t think I was capable of asking in the first place. Check out Arcane: Romanticising Silco to get started.

Reviews ↗

‘Reviewing’ my experience of reading/watching a particular series in it’s entirety or in episodes. It’s not about the scores, it’s all about the feelings. Check out Attack on Titan: In Episodes to get started.

Edits ↗

Apparently, it’s not impossible to make art after all. Join my journey in discovering my art-style, and help me improve! Check out:[FANART] Fushiguro Megumi to get started.

I make List posts, like this You’ll also find I talk about certain experiences from my life that are related to anime or manga like this one, which come under the Slice of My Life category. I also put up announcement/update blog posts from time to time and other miscellaneous stuff that’s not in the aforementioned menu. Please feel free to explore, and take your time with it. I hope the overall structure for now is to your liking! Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you see, and share any good reads around too ^_^ (Click on the Subscribe button in the main menu and enter your first name and email)

The Broke(n) Inator [behind the blog]

it mi by halfapapercrown on IG.

Well here we go xD

I’m 24 years old, and I’m still trying to figure out life. Funnily enough this “anime blog” is the one thing I’m super sure of right now. My pronouns are she/her if that’s something you’d like to know. I’d love a career that would involve anime and manga in it somehow. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy writing here as much as I did, but it’s very fulfilling and confidence-instilling in its own way, and I’m lucky this worked out. Apart from anime and manga, I also love Kpop and I’ve watched Korean dramas for as long as I can remember. I also learn Japanese, and I love learning it; although I wish I could be more disciplined about it. I also constantly wish life didn’t have to feel so complicated, but here we are. xD I’m also quite opinionated (duh, I write reviews, yeesh), but I think that’s a fairly good thing because it helps me be more decisive.

There’s a lot I could tell you, but I will eventually unravel more of my personality as we get to know each other, dear reader. I’d love to get to know you – either through comments on my blog posts or by interacting with me on my socials. It would make my day to hear from you at all, so don’t be shy and let me know if you had a good time here!

Thank you, and see you again. ^_^


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