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Spy x Family: An Unwillingly Nice Experience!

Spy x Family was on my obligatory watch because I needed people to come and actually read my blog and this was (is) a hot topic. I don’t enjoy it when a series is quite literally shoved down my throat, so Spy x Family was a slow, and unwilling watch for me. Don’t come for me yet though, because I actually ended up liking the series at the end of my watch. This blog post isn’t much of a review, because it’s universally known that this is a nice wholesome show. Right now, it’s just story time. Let’s get into it!

The Initial Stages

Apart from Spy x Family being an obligatory watch, it so happened I was in one of those “I have nothing to watch” moments. Even though I had a never-ending list. But since Spy x Family was only 12 episodes, I figured I might as well, considering the next cour is almost here as well. It would seem I’m also on track with my content calendar which is a welcome plus too! I took my sweet time with finishing Spy x Family though. And it was just as sickly wholesome as I figured it was going to be. And frankly? I was just not feeling it. I wasn’t in the mood for it at all. But I kept going. I was, for whatever weird reason, adamant about not enjoying this series at all.

But I did.


So here’s what happened.

When the show started I knew I was going to like Loid/Twilight/Tasogare and I love him. I’m most excited for his character and his backstory reveal, and I’m super pumped about how it’s going to play out for him. Of course, it doesn’t help that he’s blond and emotionally unavailable, but we’re not getting into that right now (or ever). My ovaries seem to be a little dead right now, but Loid is a definite vibe. My favourite scene of his is the one where he reads books on parenting because he’d just adopted Anya. Imagine having a parent who wants to do things right. Can’t relate. (I fight with my mom a lot..typical asian household, dw.)

Spy x Family - Loid Forger
Dad of the Year: Loid Forger

I sympathise with Anya, because of her circumstances and because she hates studying. But otherwise, I’m not sure I’m her biggest fan. I don’t really have a reason either. She’s a good kid and all. I’m just not crazy about her like most people seem to be. However, I had to love her for the punch she gave Damian.

Spy x Family - Anya Forger
6 year old of the year: Anya Forger

As a fellow woman, I absolutely love Yor’s character. I already knew before watching Spy x Fam that she was an assassin, but ditzy in general? Forgetful?SINGLE? I couldn’t have asked for anything better honestly. It might seem super cliché of me, but I love that she was the one imparting knowledge of physical strength to Anya. My favourite scenes of Yor are when she stares like she’s in love whenever she comes across a sharp object. I didn’t expect that detail at all but it was so hilarious.

Spy x Family - Yor Forger
Butter Knife of the Year

Some Inconsistencies

Thinking back, there were a few things that bugged me that I think need to be addressed.

Loid was able to fish out information that would lead to him finding out Yuri is part of the Secret Police, but he couldn’t tell Yor is a full-fledged assassin? Hell nah. The same applies to her brother too, sort of. He’s so close to finding this Tasogare but can’t tell his sister is an assassin? Love truly is blind.

This is less of an inconsistency, but I wish Yor had fallen a little more naturally into the story. Their meeting just seemed rushed and ‘convenient’ in the anime. Maybe its paced out a little better in the manga. But it didn’t sit right with me.

The last “inconsistency” just something that didn’t make sense to me. If Anya could throw a punch that could send a six year old boy flying, why is she so terrible at dodgeball? or sports in general? The author could’ve given her that much at least, poor thing.

Finally, some favourites!

My favourite episodes where the ones with Damian and Yuri in them. I’ve never seen a crush be portrayed like you’re getting a heart attack but it was fucking hilarious and I’ll never forget it. Yuri is also the only siscon I’m willing to acknowledge because he’s got noble reasons. Why couldn’t they think of a better hairstyle for him?

Becky best girl. Nothing more to be said.

I also adored the ED theme, it was such a vibe. The opening was nice too but I wasn’t feeling it. The art style is SO pleasant to look at though, WIT Studio and Cloverworks did such a great job with it. In the end, I’m glad I watched the show, and I’m looking forward to the next part!

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  1. AK AK

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling dragged into watching a series. Spy x Family was definitely “that show” last season. I also liked it a lot, though. I’ve found lately that I’ve been appreciating the wholesome anime a lot more, but mainly when it’s written in a clever and interesting way like this one is. And I might feel the same way about Yor you feel about Loid, though for different reasons (though Yor might be way too much to handle for me. Maybe Loid really is the only one who can match up to her? I think I see where the story is going with that, though I haven’t read the manga.)

    Agreed on the ending too, really a nice song and perfectly fitting.

    • I totally get what you mean about Loid and Yor, and I agree! That scene where Yor fights Loid in the castle rescue episode? I think it changed something in me…
      Thank you so much for reading! 😀 <3 I feel super encouraged now xD

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