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The Kinokuniya Experience!

SO, I have some exciting news! I’m currently enjoying some “time off” in Singapore! I have family here, and I’m technically here on a personal errand, BUT who am I to say not to an opportunity to get out of the country?

Look Back

The last time I travelled to Singapore was in 2019. And it was fabulous! I got to geek out and went to a bookstore with a dedicated manga section in it. This book store, located in Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Singapore, is the Kinokuniya Bookstore. My cousin was gracious enough to accompany me there, and graceful enough to record my happy breakdown instead of paying attention to me; right there in the middle of the manga section.

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I was beyond happy. It felt like almost every series I could think of and read over the last decade was present there, physically, and VERY well within my reach. In my newfound state of excitement, I went around grabbing the first volumes of my most favourite series. My wallet (and sister) had different plans for me though. I must have had about 7-10 different manga in my hands, but I could really only afford three of them. Which lead to the most painful process of elimination. I decided I’d choose two series that were close to my heart, and one series I was currently very excited about.

I ended up choosing the first volumes of Haikyuu!! and Gintama, and the 12th volume of Ao No Exorcist, the manga I was hyped about at that time. Reading manga physically ended up being a far more extensive task for me than I had originally thought it to be. Maybe it was because I spent a lot more time than usual paying attention to the panels, the characters and the aesthetics. Don’t get me wrong, scans are amazing, and I’m grateful for their existence, but actually holding a manga is a different kind of joy that I figured would get to experience only much later in life.

Kinokuniya in 2022

So, did I end up going to Kinokuniya this time? Of course I did. It would be an understatement to say that I was extremely excited. My sister was gracious enough to accompany this time as well, and was thankful I didn’t embarrass her with my tears this time around. As for me, I was far too busy actually finding my way to the manga section (It’s a huge store, my dudes) Let me give you a proper account of how this little trip to my ‘favourite’ manga store went.

The Collection

I was naturally looking forward to finding popular and ‘obscure’ titles, similar to my last trip here. And while the presence of these titles are definitely dictated by their popularity, it was the fact that some of them simply didn’t have the stock available that had me feeling disappointed. I marched forth in full speed to find Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man’s first volumes; and I was victorious for the first time in 2 years! There were many series that I absolutely adored that were present: Fullmetal Alchemist, Blue Period, Bungo Stray Dogs, Kuroshitsuji, and more! Unfortunately for me, the first volumes of most of these series were sold out. The process of elimination still took place; I had about 8-9 different manga series with me. But it didn’t come with the same excruciating pain as before. What to keep and what to leave were relatively easy decisions to make. And while that killed the excitement slightly, I was still extremely happy with what I had in my bag.

My Collection

In the end, I walked away from Kinokuniya with the first volumes of: Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, Attack on Titan, and the first and second volumes of Blue Giant. I also bought the first volume of Spy x Family for my bestie and with that included, this purchase has officially exceeded last time, both in quantity and cost. Do I regret the purchase? Hell no. They’re some quality series, by some quality mangaka, and I cannot wait to rip the plastic wrapping off and finally sit down to read them. I’m especially excited for AOT because I’ve never read the manga apart from the first chapter from years ago. I’d also just started Blue Giant, and is a series I’m currently excited about. The protagonist seems SO exciting, and I can’t wait to see how his story evolves. I feel really lucky I was able to find the volume at all!

I still intend to buy some anime merchandise if I can, but there’s more experiences to come which I’m also VERY excited about and can’t wait to write about. Please check out some of my other blog posts in the mean time!


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