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[NEW SERIES] Mappa Marathon May!

Hello everyone, I am officially back from my temporary death. I trust you’re all doing well, and have been enjoying the season so far. We’ve got an amazing influx of some great anime this season! And I haven’t gotten around to watching any of them :’) trust me when I say, I’ve been feeling seriously guilty about it all – about not updating here, about barely touching anime in the last three months. But what can one do when you have other commitments to adjust to? 

However, I am now back, and feeling much better than ever. I’ve settled into my new job and I’ve finally given myself the time to binge a new series. Mind you, I’m still making sure they’re extremely short and it’s very unlike me, but once again, it’s something I’ll just have to accept and move on with. I’m just glad I can still bounce back here and continue to write more about the things I love! 

Speaking of which, MAPPA has been making *quite* the name for itself in the last one year, and it’s reputation has been carried forward to this year too. I’ve never paid too much attention to individual studios before. I’ve never fangirled over a studio before either. But since MAPPA really got my attention last year, I decided to actually look into it, and found out some incredible things. 

MAPPA made a few series that I thoroughly enjoyed – like Kakegurui. MAPPA has made me feel so good about AOT and Jujutsu Kaisen, and I feel so proud especially knowing that they’re a relatively young studio. I’ve never been this attached to a studio before, but I stan MAPPA so hard. They deliver consistently, they never disappoint, and I’m dead serious about supporting them to whatever extent I can. What I didn’t realise is that they’ve made many other good series which have held a seemingly permanent place on my watch list. And I’ve finally decided to clear out a tiny *tiny* portion of that list. 

I’ll be dedicating the month of May to the studio.  


MAPPA Marathon May


It might be a little self-explanatory, but I’ll be watching as many series produced by Studio MAPPA in the month of May as possible. I sincerely hope you guys will follow it, and I’ll definitely try to talk about other things as well (life outside my blog permitting) I’ll announce which series I’m covering as they’re coming out right here! So do look forward to them. I’m very excited to be back and to start again on such a lovely topic. I’ve been dreaming about executing this for months and its hyping me up even more! You may have watched some of the series I’ll be talking about already; and if you have, you *have* to come talk about it. You can’t say no.

Series #1: Yasuke: Expectations vs Reality

Series #2: In this Corner of the World: A different experience of life

Series #3: Ash Lynx and his quest for peace.

Thank you very much for waiting. <3

Its good to be back! ^_^



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