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Spriggan (2022) – First Impressions

HELLO NEW ANIME CRUSH and hello new Netflix release that I’ve been waiting forever for. Tis finally time to talk about Spriggan.

Guys. Guys. I feel like I’ve been waiting an eternity for Spriggan to release, and I have no idea why. It’s not like I was particularly hyped about the show. I just kept seeing the damn banner on my screen any time I opened Netflix and at some point it was “Alright FINE, I’ll add this stupid title, release the series already I need to know!” Not my dumb ass thinking this was an actual original instead of a series from a manga. Did you know Spriggan also has a movie? From the 90s? Yeah this is why you do your research fellas. It is appalling that I call myself a “content writer/creator” without doing any research, but will I change? No, probably not.

Also please expect a very chill mood/tone for this blog post. I have zero energy to sound like a semi-intelligent being at this time. And we’re all buddies right?



AnyHOO, enough with that. Spriggan was not what I was expecting. I think I expected it to half be one of those ridiculously animated shows where all movements are like 5 seconds slower, and they all look extremely 3D. (again, this is what quality research gets you). But I think Spriggan was really well produced! I was thinking mecha, cyberpunk, lot of action. I also figured it was one of those stories where the main character has no sense of self – he’s one of those soldier type dudes who’s identity was wiped out and whatnot because of the nature of the organization he joined. But this is the result of rewatching Aeon Flux one too many times when I was younger. Charlize Theron was hot okay? What do you want me to say?

What I wasn’t expecting was for this to be such a short series. I feel like I’ve been seeing the banner for Spriggan for about two years now and I’m not sure about any delays, if any. But 6 episodes? How does Netflix even arrive at such numbers. Although, if they are releasing Season 2, then I’d say the 6 episodes set a nice precedent for the rest of the story. Which is also why even though I finished watching the show, I’m still calling this my “first impressions”. Because the story hasn’t started yet.

The Show Itself

The show’s not literally mecha nor does it have a dystopian setting – it actually shows you so much of the world (even if they are fantasy settings). I wasn’t far off on the advanced tech aspect of it all, but I wasn’t expecting the story to be an adventure type. It’s very colourful, and I liked the character designs too. I can’t put a pin on this yet, but I felt a strong sense of familiarity in a good way. Yu Ominae as a protagonist is so likeable but not in a try hard way – he’s cheerful, he’s a cheeky, he’s very intelligent and confident and he radiates your typical shounen goody-two shoes protagonist that’s naive enough to think the world is just as nice as he is.


Every episode in this release is a new adventure on it’s own. I’m not sure if Spriggan was a popular manga, but I feel they didn’t take the time to properly establish the actually setting of this series. Or rather, it felt like they skimmed through the proper introduction of it all. It took me a while to get what OOPArts was supposed to mean, what ARCAM truly stood for, and even then I felt like a lot of information was missing and I had more questions than answers. I’m not sure if it’s fair comparison due to the number of episodes, but Arcane did such a great job establishing it’s story line within the first three. I would have loved that for Spriggan as well. However Arcane had 6 more episodes to really dish out the rest of the story, and it’s getting a Season 2. So overall, it just felt like Netflix was saying “ya this is the situation, take it or leave it” rather than weaving it into the story.

The Protagonist

Yu Ominae is so sweet. I do not know how else to describe him. He’s SO cute! I know I said I had a crush on him but I also think he’s so adorable. He’s obviously very earnest and weirdly enough, seems to love his job despite how dangerous it is (which quite frankly, I’m jealous of. I mean, imagine loving your job. can’t be me haha…). However, he seems to finally come to realisation that he still is stuck in a capitalist world, and therefore, his company might not be so great. But our boy is 16. So naturally, he wants to do the right thing and bring them down if it comes to it. I’m so looking forward to how his character and determination is going to be tested, because that didn’t happen a lot here. For now, we just get to know how strong he is as a character – both in determination and principles – from all the different adventures he’s had.


The Characters

Speaking of characters, we actually meet some very interesting ones throughout the show. We see this high school girl that’s into robbing the ancient stuff Yu’s trying to recover. We meet this French blondie who is the very definition of a tsundere. So I obviously love him too. I mean, look at this drawing I made of him while I made notes for this blog post. It’s a total masterpiece!

I think I really captured his eyes…..

Also, I have to sidetrack here to mention that I think blond French anime bois are possibly my type, considering I have a very passionate crush on ALL of them:

If there are more blond, French anime bois you know of, please let me know. Thank you.

The Conclusion

There’s also his master and a wide range of villains featured in Spriggan. So be rest assured that there’s a lot entertainment in store. I watched a few of the episodes in the English dub as well, and I have to say, it was a good job well done. It wasn’t cringey, to start with, and I felt like the voices really fit the characters, which also seems like it should be the bare minimum but hey, it went a lot better than I expected and I’m happy. I just don’t like that the dub dialogues deviate a bit from what the Japanese dialogues actually were. Although I understand there’s a lot involved in writing them, but it just felt really weird. I loved the ending theme, and the soundtracks were nice, but I thought the opening theme – while it fit the series – could’ve been a lot more. Obviously, the animation was really cool, and if I’m not wrong, they’ve definitely used CGI, but again, I have no problems whatsoever.

Spriggan’s not the type of series you look at for a deep storyline yet. But these 6 episodes were hella entertaining. I have not had enough of the series and would love to see season 2 soon. And if you still need an extra push apart from my blog post, then go watch the trailer fool! I’m going to go read the manga. v.v

Until next time!


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